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Payroll Services

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Providing accurate and timely service.

Please be aware that we are not offering walk-in services at the Central Payroll window

Due to the current COVID-19 concerns and employee safety, our payroll staff will be working remotely until further notice
If you require assistance or need documentation such as Verification of Employment (current employees should use the Work Number), Earning record requests, W-2 copies etc, please email the request to:

We appreciate your patience during this time.

New year, new paycheck!

Paid bi-weekly? Your December paychecks covered your January health insurance premiums, so they may have looked different, too.

Here are a few changes to look out for on your first paycheck of the new year. Learn more

Your 2020 UC W-2 Statement – Where to Go & Availability

View and download your 2020 W-2s in UCPath.

Information on UCNet & see more in Employee Resources 

Payroll Services assists campus faculty, staff, and students in meeting their educational objectives and their teaching, research, and operational needs by providing the highest quality services to the campus and community. We facilitate the timely and accurate disbursement of approved employee compensation, satisfying payroll-related employer obligations and ensuring appropriate accounting for campus compensation costs.