How to set up a university-related event account.

Step A

What to do: Identify the fund number

How to do it:

Each school or college should have at least one fund number for their university related event accounts. If you're in the School of Medicine, use fund 60102. Otherwise, one way to find your fund is to use Decision Support (DS) query Account Lookup (11). Do the following:

  • Make sure the correct Chart is checked.
  • For the Organization Code (org), use the highest level org for your school or college (Lookup).
  • Enter UC Fund 68 followed by the wildcard (i.e, enter 68%).
  • Use Sub Fund Group OTHUNV.
  • Click Process Query.

In the search results, the last five digits in the OP Account column comprise the fund number. If the column shows more than one fund number and you can't determine the most appropriate choice, contact your dean's or vice chancellor's office. If further assistance is needed, contact General Accounting.

Step B

What to do: Process KFS Account document(s)

How to do it:

The event/activity may be fully funded by fees and other income sources; however, your department is responsible for covering any deficits, including the 8% indirect cost assessment. Please discuss this with your dean's office before creating the Account document.

Prepare KFS Account (ACCT) document(s) to establish the event/activity account(s). If you are charging fees and receiving money from a sponsor, two accounts are needed to keep the money separate. If two accounts are needed, indicate that in the Account Name field.

In addition to the steps in the Create an Account guide, follow these tips when setting up the account(s):

For the UC Account field, use a UC account that begins with 40 (instruction), 62 (public service), or 68 (Student Services). If your department doesn't have a UC account beginning with 40, 62, or 68, request one from General Accounting.

On the Account Assessment Types tab of the Account document, enter the correct NUD:

  • Sponsor receiving a direct benefit: NUD1, CAR1 and CAI1
  • Event Specific Fees: NUDZ, CARZ and CAIZ
  • General Membership Fees: NUD1, CAR1 and CAI1

    If more than one option exists then you must create two different accounts with the appropriate assessment codes.