Billing IDs are used by a number of campus service units to simplify the billing process

What is a Billing ID?

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) includes the capability to establish billing ID numbers for KFS accounts. 

A billing ID can be associated not only with a specific account, but also with a sub-account and/or project. Whatever account information you associate with a given billing ID is the accounting unit that will be billed each time you use the billing ID.

You cannot specify a different sub-account, for example, each time you use your billing ID. If you want to bill some services to a different sub-account, you will need to establish another billing ID for that account/sub-account combination.

The billing ID is a 4-character code (any combination of alpha or numeric characters). Billing IDs are established on the Billing ID document.

How do I get my charges?

Most service departments send their billing feeds directly to Decision Support. You can use the Feeder System Transaction Detail (212) query in Decision Support to get detailed information on your billing ID transactions. Just enter a fiscal period and your billing ID on the search screen and you will see all of the recharge transactions that hit the Account/Sub-Account/Project combination that the billing ID currently references. The report will also provide you with the full name of the service unit that made the entry so that you can contact them with any questions.

How do I maintain my Billing IDs?

Departments should periodically check all of their Billing IDs to make sure they are still valid and are attached to active accounts. This can be done in Decision Support using the Billing ID Lookup (74).

If you need to expire an account for any reason, make sure you deactivate any billing IDs attached to the account first.

Another reason to check your Billing IDs regularly? Someone could have inadvertently modified your billing ID, so it no longer goes to the Account that you think it does!

If you need to make changes to the billing ID, process a new Billing ID document for the existing ID — making changes where needed.

Expiring Billing IDs assigned to expired Accounts

There is a restriction on the Billing ID document that won't allow the expiration date of a Billing ID to exceed the expiration date of the associated account. However, you may occasionally come across active Billing IDs assigned to expired accounts that were created before this restriction was implemented.

If the expired account associated with the Billing ID has a continuation account assigned to it, you won't have to reactivate the account. The Billing ID document will ask if you wish to use the continuation account. If you say "yes," you will be able to continue with the expiration of the Billing ID. Enter the current date in the Expiration Date field, and this will expire the Billing ID as of the current date.