Organization Review

Organization Review is used by organizations to customize the routing of documents for approval or review. 

It adds another level of approval, after fiscal officer routing. Organization review routing cannot be used as an alternate to account manager/fiscal officer approvals.

  • The routing established on the Organization Review document applies to the organization entered on the document and to all subordinate organizations that report to it in the organizational hierarchy. If you only want it set up for a specific organization, you will need to enter an organization code that does not have a subordinate organization.
  • Organization review routing allows an organization to review documents that meet specified criteria; it can ensure greater accountability for certain transactions.
  • Organization review routing can be made to an individual, or to a group. (Note: It is strongly recommended that a group be used, in lieu of an individual. If an organization review is set to route to an individual, and that person is unavailable, the document will be "stuck" in routing until that individual takes action on the document.*)

Note: If you have an organization review set up for your highest level organization and for a subordinate organization that reports to it, documents with accounts assigned to that subordinate organization will route to both of those organization reviews.

When do you use an Organization Review?

  • It is particularly useful where specific transactions must have additional approval by policy (such as entertainment expenses over $250), or for added accountability on certain transactions (such as high-value equipment purchases).
  • It is strongly recommended that organizations establish an organization review for all KFS User documents. Otherwise, there will be no approval within the organization when a new user is set up or a user's access is changed.

What is the routing based on?

The system will automatically route documents as designated by the reviewing organization in the Organization Review document. The routing is based on:

  • the chart and organization of the account;
  • the document type; and
  • the amount.

The Organization Review document is used to create or modify document approvers' and reviewers' attributes for an organization. The document is used to indicate whether an individual will approve a document, or only review it (Acknowledge or FYI).

Organization review routing occurs after account manager/fiscal officer approval is given.

What types of Documents can it be used for?

There are two overall types of documents in the financial system:

  • Maintenance Documents: Used for setting up "reference" attributes, such as account, project, and billing ID.
  • Transactional Documents: Used for taking action, such as a purchase order or vendor invoice.

Note that you may select a "parent" document type to establish workflow routing for all document types that report to that parent in the document type hierarchy. This can be helpful if you want to set up an organization review for a group of documents.

Please note that the Organization Review cannot be used for Advance Deposit (AD) or Cash Receipt (CR)documents.

Parent Doc Type Code Routing Established For:
KFS ALL documents, with the exception of Advance Deposit (AD) or Cash Receipt (CR) documents.   Note: You should NOT use this code unless you want to set up the organization review for ALL documents. If using this code, you should NOT set up additional organization reviews for other documents, or you may encounter technical problems in routing
KFSM All KFS maintenance documents (e.g., Account, Sub-Account, Billing ID, Project, etc.)
KFST All KFS transaction documents

*If the Action Policy Code field is set to ALL on the Organization Review document, all members of a group will be required to approve a document. This can be an issue if someone is out of the office and unable to take timely action on a document.