Account Delegates


  1. Introduction
  2. Primary Route or No?
  3. Account Delegate Document
  4. Account Delegate Global Document
  5. Account Delegate Model and Account Delegate Global From Model
  6. Specifying Individual Document Type Versus a Parent Document Type
  7. When Do Changes Take Effect?
  8. Approval Authority Policies


The account delegate is an individual who the Fiscal Officer has determined may approve transactions on their behalf.

  • Multiple individuals can be set up as account delegates for one account.
  • Delegates can be set up with the ability to approve all document types or only specific document types.
  • Delegates can be restricted to approving documents meeting a particular dollar threshold amount. For example, a fiscal officer/account manager could set up a delegate to approve a document type up to $10,000, another delegate for the same document type for transactions in the range of $10,001 to $20,000, and for transactions over $20,000 to be approved by yet another delegate.

Warning: If no delegates are specified for an account, and the fiscal officer/account manager is unavailable, there will be no way to approve document(s) citing that account(s). It is recommended that at least one non-primary delegate be designated, on each account, for approval of routine transactions.

When selecting Delegates, ensure that those chosen are:

  • Qualified and trained
  • Given authority to disallow improper transactions
  • Accountable for their responsibilities


Primary Route or No?

When creating or modifying an account delegate record, you will see a checkbox option on the applicable Account Delegate document for Account Delegate Primary Route. If checked, documents will route directly to the Action List of the delegate instead of the Fiscal Officer. The Fiscal Officer and any other delegates on the account can still access the document by selecting the name of the approver on whose behalf they are approving from the Choose Primary Delegation (for fiscal officer) and Choose Secondary Delegation (for delegate) drop-down menus from the upper right corner of their Action List in KFS. 

In general, you will not check the Account Delegate Primary Route as the Fiscal Officer is generally the one who will want to receive the documents directly in their KFS Action List. 

NOTE: It is only possible to set up one primary route delegate per account, but you can have multiple non-primary delegates on an account.  Or, you can elect to not have any primary delegates on an account, and only have non-primary delegates on an account.

Account Delegate Document

The Account Delegate document is used to:

  • Add a single delegate to an account (it will not override/remove any existing delegations on the account).
  • Edit information on an existing delegate (document types that can be approved, dollar amounts, etc).
  • Remove a delegate from an account.


Account Delegate Global Document

The Account Delegate Global document is used to:

  • Set-up multiple account delegate records on one or more accounts that do not have any account delegations previously established or to update an existing delegate structure.

Warning: The Account Delegate Global document will replace ALL existing delegations for the account(s) cited, so it is best to use it only for the initial set up of account delegates, or if you desire to completely override an existing delegate structure.


Account Delegate Model Document and Account Delegate Global from Model Document

The Account Delegate Model document is used to:

  • Create a "model" that can then be applied/used on the Account Delegate Global from Model document. The "model" does not actually create the delegation; the Account Delegate Global from Model document does.

Models are useful for organizations/departments that have a complex but consistent delegation model and frequently create new accounts.

  • "Complex" could refer to an account that has both primary and secondary delegates, and may have different people serving as delegates for different document types. If you wanted to set up the delegation using only the Account Delegate document it might take a half dozen or more documents to get everything set up.
  • "Consistent" could refer to an organization that wants delegation for all of their accounts to be set up in the same complex manner.
  • An example of an organization that frequently creates new accounts would be an organization involved in sponsored research. Each new grant = at least one new account.
  • The model cuts down on data entry and ensures that things are set up consistently.

If your organization has a complex and consistent delegation structure, take the time to create a model of this delegation pattern using the Account Delegate Model and it is then possible to do several things with that model:

  • Apply it to all existing accounts using the Account Delegate Global from Model document.
  • Apply it to new accounts after those accounts are created using the Account Delegate Global from Model document.
  • Update the model when responsibilities change using the Account Delegate Model document. (And apply those updates to all existing accounts using an Account Delegate Global from Model document.)

Models probably won't be as helpful for those departments/organizations that use the same accounts/account structures on a long-term basis with little changes, or if the organization has only one person that serves as a delegate for all document types.


Specifying Individual Document Type versus a Parent Document Type

You may select a "parent" document type to establish workflow routing for all document types that report to that parent in the document type hierarchy. This can be helpful if you want to set up an organization review for a group of documents.

Parent Doc Type Code Routing Established For:
KFS ALL KFS documents
KFSM All KFS maintenance documents (e.g., AccountSub-AccountBilling IDProject, etc.)
KFST All KFS transaction documents


When do Delegation changes take effect?

  • In KFS, the new delegation will only apply to documents initiated after the delegation is approved and in effect. In other words, the changes do not apply retroactively to documents created before the delegation changes were made.


Approval Authority Policies

When assigning account delegates, approval authority must be set up in accordance with the following sections of the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual:


Setting up Delegates in KFS - Online Lesson

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