Account Global Document

All content entered in the Global Account Maintenance section of the Account Global Document will automatically apply to all accounts that are entered on this document.

For example, if you enter an Organization Code, it will apply that code to all accounts on the document and assign that organization code to any accounts that were previously assigned to a different organization code. Do not mix accounts in different charts. For example, create a document for chart 3 accounts and a separate document for chart S.

Enter the change in the appropriate field in the Global Account Maintenance section. The Fiscal Officer Principal Name is no longer a required field. Leave any other fields blank for which you do not wish to apply changes.

Entering Accounts

You can enter them one by one, manually, or you can save time by using the lookup to add multiple account lines at once:

  1. On the KFS Main Menu, click on the Account Global link in the Chart of Accounts channel.
  2. Enter data in the field you want to modify, such as the Fiscal Officer, Organization Code, or Account Expiration Date and Continuation Account, on the Global Account Maintenance tab.
  3. Search for the accounts you want to update in the next tab (Edit List of Accounts), using the tool Look Up/Add Multiple Account Lines. You can search for all accounts assigned to the current fiscal officer, or find all the accounts in a particular organization, and return them to the main document. If you get many results, you can select all, or just those from your current page. (It is best not to include hundreds of accounts at a time.)

Note: The GACC document will route for approval to the existing Fiscal Officers for all accounts cited. A single disapproval of the document cancels the document for all. While a GACC document is in routing, it cannot be edited.

Removing an Account Supervisor

Although it is possible to replace one Account Supervisor ("Account Reviewer") with another on the Account Global document, it is not possible to use the Account Global document to remove ("blank out") an Account Supervisor after one has been established on a group of accounts.

You can either:

  • Process individual Account documents to remove the Account Supervisor (good option if you only have a few accounts to change),
  • Enter the user ID of the Fiscal Officer in the Account Supervisor field.* Later when you want to change the Account Supervisor, process the Account Global with only the new Account Supervisor entered and leave the Fiscal Officer field blank.

*Account Supervisors get an FYI copy in their Action List/In Box of each document citing the account, but once the Fiscal Officer takes action on the document (approve/disapprove), the FYI copy sent to them as the Account Supervisor will automatically clear from their Action List/In Box.