A fellowship is one type of funding opportunity offered by an organization to students.

Generally, the fellowship is used for research or teaching, subject to the terms specified in the fellowship. Fellowships can be internal (i.e., are funded within the University of California system) or external (i.e., are funded by an entity other than the University of California).

How do you apply for a fellowship?

The Graduate Studies department has detailed information on how to apply for

How do I process a fellowship?

The process for a fellowship depends on several factors:

Decision 1: Is the fellowship a gift?
  • Yes: Fellowship funding received as a charitable contribution to the university which does not include grant terms such as financial reporting, period of performance, and/or return of unexpended balance may be considered a gift. Fellowship funding received as a gift is to be processed following the same procedures as other gifts (see the Advancement Services website for details). All restrictions on usage as designated by the donor must be followed.
  • No: If the fellowship is not a gift, see Decision 2.
Decision 2: Is the recipient of the fellowship a Graduate Studies (GS) student or postdoctoral scholar and will the funds be paid through the university (i.e., not part of a professional school)?
  • Yes: GS receives and reviews the award, requests any necessary back-up and internal forms from the awardee, and sends the transaction form with award documentation to Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA). CGA sets up a fellowship fund. The Cashier's Office (or GS or CGA, if they received the funding directly) deposits the monies into the specified fund.
  • No:  See Decision 3.
Decision 3: Is the recipient a professional schools student (i.e., not part of GS)?
  • Yes and it's an outside fellowship/scholarship, the Cashier's Office posts the monies.
  • Yes and it's an internal fellowship/scholarship (i.e., part of financial aid package), contact your school's financial aid representative.
  • No: See Decision 4.
Decision 4: Is the recipient a postdoc (per contract, university must supplement salary)?
  • Yes and the postdoc is paid directly from an outside entity ("paid direct"), UC Davis does not administer the funds. Whether or not there is any required contribution on the part of the university would be specified in the contract and/or terms of employment between the department and postdoc. The postdoc is placed on a voluntary postdoctoral title code if applicable. If the recipient wishes to utilize the university's services (e.g., purchasing) your department can create an agency account, as long as the services are for work the recipient is doing at UC Davis.
  • Yes and the postdoc is paid from a university source such as a faculty member's grant or other department funds, this is a postdoc employee title code (99% of postdocs are in this category).
  • Yes and the postdoc is paid from a fellowship, he/she is considered a postdoc fellow. Contact GS for procedures.
  • No: See Decision 5.
Decision 5: Is this person a university non-student employee or visiting scholar?

How do I find out about renewal of a fellowship?

You can find out if a fellowship is renewable and what the process is by contacting the funding source.