Update the Organization Code/End Date Assigned to a KFS User

Each KFS user is assigned to a four-digit organization code. This organization code usually reflects the department to which the user is assigned.

If a KFS user is only going to be in your department for a known period of time, you can indicate an end date when the person should no longer have KFS access.

Change the organization code or end date assigned to a KFS user:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu of KFS > Chart of Accounts channel > KFS User document
  2. On the KFS User Lookup, enter the desired search criteria and click Search.
  3. On the search results, click Edit for the user ID record you wish to modify.
  4. On the document, enter a Description.
  5. In the Organization Code field, delete the data, and enter the new organization code (if known) or click on the lookup icon (magnifying glass icon) to do a search for the organization code to return to the document.
  6. If you wish to have the KFS user access revoked (inactive) on a specific date, enter that date in the Active End Date field. If the end date of the user's access is not known, the Active End Date field can be left blank.
  7. Click the Submit button to route the document. The document will route to any organization review routing set up for that organization before going to FINAL status. Once the document has been fully approved, the user will be assigned to the new organization specified on the KFS User document.