Establishing New Extramural Funded Expense Accounts

Establishing Extramural (Contracts & Grants) expense accounts. 

For details on the Account document, see the Account Document Help.

See also the online information on the Award lookup.

Step 1

Action: Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA) completes new Award document.


  1. Information from originating office (Sponsored Programs, Business Contracts, University Extension, etc.) is automatically fed or manually sent to Contracts & Grants Accounting (CGA).
  2. CGA will complete a new Award document in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and identify a departmental fiscal officer for the award.

Step 2

Action: Email sent to dept fiscal officer and project director

Details: An automated email will go to the fiscal officer and the project director; this email will include a link to an Account document with all of the award information already completed on the document

From the Account Maintenance tab:

  1. Chart Code
  2. UC Systemwide Admin. Unit Code
  3. UC Fund Number
  4. Organization Code*
  5. Account Effective Date
  6. Account Type Code
  7. Sub-Fund Group Code

    Contracts and Grants tab:
  8. Account Indirect Cost Recovery Type Code
  9. Indirect Cost Rate
  10. Indirect Cost Recovery Chart of Accounts Code
  11. Indirect Cost Recovery Account Number
  12. CFDA Number
  13. Project Director Principal Name*

If the department fiscal officer does not receive the e-mail notification regarding the award, or if another departmental user will be setting up the account, they can do so following these steps:

  1. On the KFS Main Menu, click on the Award link.
  2. Use any of the search criteria provided to locate the desired award.
  3. On the search results, click the Create KFS EX Account link (Note: If this link is not present, this can indicate that the award has not yet been established by CGA).

Step 3

Action: Dept completes Account document


  1. Fields with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
  2. Use a unique account number. Do not "recycle" (re-use) an account number that has been used before.
  3. The UC Account number triggers the Higher Education Function, the Account Type and other required financial attributes.
  4. Enter the Award Number.
  5. Enter the Account Award Amount. In this field, enter the total dollar amount of the award if one account is being created for the entire award, or enter the amount assigned to that specific account if multiple accounts are being created against the award.
  6. Enter the Account Award Start Date. In this field, enter the start date of the award if one account is being created for the entire award, or enter an alternate date if more than one account is being created for the award, and this particular account will be starting at a date after the award has begun.
  7. Enter the Account Award End Date.
  8. Enter an appropriate A-21 Code.
  9. The Control Account Number identifies the primary spending authority account for a contract/grant that has been assigned multiple accounts in the system. Most reporting will be done out of this account because it represents the full functionality of the project and its corresponding expenditures and revenues. This field should be completed whenever you have multiple accounts assigned to one contract/grant.

Step 4

Action: Account document routes to CGA

Details: After CGA provides their final review/approval, the awarded amount will be appropriated.

* These are editable fields and can be changed if necessary.